Dec 2018


The Wavi Team thanks all those that have supported our amazing raffle in 2018

Whilst we realise we have had an uphill battle getting better and more media stories to assist with more exposure which in turn will speed up ticket sales we remain confident that we can get that media coverage and enough follow on sales in 2019 to draw our 1st Villa winner

We at Wavi will keep on promoting and pushing for media to cover this amazing offer as we believe that we shouldn’t give up just because its taking too long. If we can get to our revised min of 200k tickets sold during 2019 and announce a winner then we will have validated this offer and that in turn will create much more media exposure which in turn will create strong ticket sales for follow on raffles

So please be patient and we wish you all a safe and merry Xmas

and hopefully a very lucky 2019 for one of you

Merry Xmas from WAVI TEAM

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