06 September 2017

06 September 2017



Since our amazing raffle offer was aired on Australian TV Sunrise Show on 2 August the demand that followed that week was so big that it overloaded our payment system and we lost a lot of ticket sales unfortunately. Ticket sales have since slowed down and now is a good opportunity to try again if you’re still interested.

We have amazing news that will create a new surge in Ticket Sales however and hopefully enough to be able to draw the first Villa winner if not more than one.

Our PR Team has done an amazing job and secured us a spot featuring
Wavi Island on the Ellen DeGeneres Show
to hopefully be aired in September – GREAT JOB PR TEAM

As a special offer to get in before the next surge in ticket sales we are offering the next 1000 entrants the following free ticket offer:

  • For every 5 pack of tickets purchased you get 1 additional ticket for free
  • For every 10 pack purchased you get 2 additional tickets for free

To get your free ticket we also request you like and share us on our FB page www.facebook.com/winafijiislandvilla

We sincerely hope we haven’t lost your interest in this amazing opportunity to be a Villa Owner on our private Fiji Island

We can’t wait for our spot on the Ellen DeGeneres Show to air and get ticket sales hopefully above the 200,000 minimum required amount per our Terms and Conditions so we can give serious consideration to giving away our 1st Villa and Lifestyle package BEFORE we reach the 300,000 per Villa Package sell out target. This means if your one of the first 200,000 and we do decide to forgo our 300,000 sell out requirement you have a 1 in 200,000 chance to win instead of a 1 in 300,000 chance to win the first Villa Package . Once we do announce a first winner we will no doubt get significant media coverage thereafter which is likely to sell out the other four packages at the required 300,000 sell out amount to announce a winner.

Thanks for your ongoing support
Wavi Team

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